At DGR school we have the best possible facilities for students. The idea is to make sure that our students perform best in academics and other spheres of life.


Books are the most crucial parts of the education system. Therefore, we have enough books to meet the needs of the students. We have a well stocked library with an open book shelf system. Our students and teachers can use it as per their convenience. In addition, we also have a dedicated librarian always available to help students find a book on various subjects.

school library


medical checkup

School Clinic

We care about our students. We focus on their multidimensional growth. Due to this large number of students are actively involved in outdoor sports activities. In addition there are many other activities that students do during school time. It is possible that they get injured during games or anything else. We at DGR school are very much concerned about them. As a result we are associated with medical professionals. As soon as a situation comes, our medical staff is ready to take care of them. Students are treated well with the help of a doctor and nurse at a clinic in case of any cuts, bruises and general health problems. Not only this, we also perform periodic medical checkups of all students and maintain a record.



What is written in the book is important for theoretical knowledge. But in real life you need practical knowledge to perform experiments. Due to this we have set up a well equipped science laboratory in the school. The laboratory has all important and required apparatus to perform various chemistry, physics and biology experiments. Students can access this laboratory in the presence of qualified teachers and during their practical assignments. Our teachers make sure that all these experiments are conducted with safety and using the right process.

science lab


computer lab

Computer Lab

Technology is going to change the way we do things today. In short, it is going to change the future completely. Due to this we not only want our students to become tech savvy but also want them to participate in developing new software applications. We have a state of the art computer lab in house to make sure we develop the base to lay a strong foundation. The idea is to ensure that when our students go for higher studies after completing the formal education, they perform well.